The Brand that works worldwide

Fresh, stylish designs at affordable prices across the world stage.
Wherever THETW exhibition design team work, we insist that our own people and our vendors meet high standards to maintain the trust our clients have given us.
Get to know the THETW adventage
  • Works worldwide

    THETW was established at the beginning of 1997. The company's main business was representing international trade fairs from around the world, and helping manufacturers from Taiwan, China and all across Asia to participate in those international trade fairs. THETW’s exhibition service team is familiar with exhibition venues all across Europe, with extensive experience in Germany, England, Italy, France and Spain. The same is true for venues across the United States and emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India, and of course, China. Exhibition halls and regulations are different everywhere, so being familiar with the height limit regulations, construction rules and layouts of the various fair grounds give us a advantage that less experienced firms cannot possibly match. The THETW design team was born out of this experience, so we could save time, human resources and material resources for our clients.

  • High Standards

    Driven by our own self-demanding, dedicated design team THETW has purchased a top-of-line printing machine for large-scale graphics. By buying our own paper and printing many of our graphics we are able to maintain high quality standards and control over color and quality. We are also able to reduce customer costs and offer our customers the security of knowing that most of the graphic work we do will be checked by the people who have designed the stands.

  • Client Loyalty

    THETW’s design department was established to serve the exhibition service team clients, but has grown into something much more. By designing and overseeing the construction processes of thousands of stands over nearly 20 years, we have earned trust and enthusiasm in partnership with our clients. Today, our clients are introduced to us by satisfied customers and come from all major industries, not just in the areas where the exhibition service team represents trade fairs. Companies choose THETW because we are reliable, experienced, and we stand behind our work. THETW thanks all of our clients for their support, and know that our company will keep working hard to build on this trust and enthusiasm.


  • CUB TBI Finetek
  • Messingschlager Smanos(Chuango) HwaFong(HFR)
  • Chen Hsong Sheico Lite-on
  • Prologium Castles LCY
  • Pairdeer(Zhongin) Promax Techman
  • Promise Cotron ForeCam(Ricom)
  • Cab Solomon Flytech
  • Mobiletron NCKU Gaoke
  • Dynacolor QOCA(Quanta) Hanbell
  • Geovision Siterwell Luren(Matrix)
  • Exustar WFE(Waferlock) Planet
  • OGK Vivotek Nine Stars